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Social Media Coverage Executive

Expired on: Jan 8, 2024

Job Duties:

  • Create engaging and relevant content for various social media platforms, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements on the go during events.
  • Ensure that content is consistent with the brand’s voice and messaging.
  • Monitor social media channels for mentions of the brand, products, or relevant industry topics and reposting them.
  • Capture live and behind-the-scenes moments using mobile devices to create engaging and timely content.
  • Utilize live streaming features on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to provide real-time coverage of events.
  • Create compelling and visually appealing content using mobile devices, including photos, videos, and short-form content.
  • Edit and enhance content on-the-go to maintain a consistent and polished brand image.
  • Organize and participate in social media takeovers during events, allowing followers to experience the event through the eyes of the organization.
  • Develop a content calendar for event coverage, ensuring a mix of pre-planned and spontaneous content to keep the audience engaged.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in mobile photography and videography techniques to capture high-quality visuals.

Technical Skills:

  • Experienced social media content creator who understands how to create content for Stories & Reels that increases engagement as well as visual narration/storytelling for events on social media.
  • Proficient in mobile Photography & video content creation.
  • Proficient in InShot, Mojo, and other mobile photography & video tools.
  • Applies color correction for visual consistency and aesthetic appeal.
  • Optimizes videos for digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Integrates motion graphics and animations for visual enhancement.
  • Understanding the importance of audio & sound in a video and knowledge of how to apply them.
  • On top of digital & social video & audio trends.
  • Basic filmmaking, mobile video editing, and copywriting knowledge is a must.
  • On top of all social media trends.
  • Well-informed about various industry influencers and key players.

Personal Skills:

  • Ability to think creatively and come up with innovative ideas for engaging and visually appealing social media content.
  • Efficiently manage time and prioritize tasks, especially when covering events with tight schedules and deadlines.
  • Willingness and ability to adapt quickly to changes, trends, and unexpected developments, especially during live event coverage.
  • Proficiency in using mobile devices, social media platforms, and various content creation apps. Stay updated on the latest features and tools.
  • Clear and concise communication skills, both written and verbal, to interact with followers, event organizers, and team members.
  • Pay close attention to details, ensuring accuracy and consistency in all social media content.
  • Display genuine enthusiasm and passion for the brand, industry, and events being covered.
Job Categories: Social Media
Language Skills: Arabic English
Tenure: 1 to 2 Years
Agreement Types: Part Time
Work Modes: Hybrid
Locations: UAE
Compensation Range: AED 500 to 1000
Sorry! This job has expired.
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